Minghe(Ka Shui) Ltd and its management team fully embrace the principles and practices of the ISO quality management system,having achieved ISO 9001 quality registration in 2015

The company is ISO9001:2015 certified by SAI Global.
Minghe(Ka Shui) is also in full compliance with the government’s MIL-I-45208A standards.
Strict inventory control and production management systems enable us to meet even the toughest production schedules and requirements – all at a highly competitive price.


We view our Quality Assurance staff as the “voice of the customer,” representing our clients’ best interest throughout the manufacturing process.


We also view machine operator staff as critical variables of process control. Our philosophy is to build quality into the project.
Our ISO 9001:2015 quality system helps us to control all manufacturing process data, ensuring both reliable and accurate dimensional machining.
We also maintain cost data, which in turn helps ensure quick quote turn around and highly competitive pricing.


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